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Global warming: time to rein back on doom and gloom?


James Hansen retires to pursue climate fight..more likely he was told to “f*** off”

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One of the leading voices on the science of global warming is to retire from Nasa this week to be more active in the fight against fossil fuels.

Dr James E Hansen has been the head of the Goddard Institute for Space Research since 1981.

He is sometimes called the “father of global warming” for his early warnings about the impacts of rising levels of greenhouse gases.

But some critics say he has hampered the cause by overstating the risk.

In the 1970s, Dr Hansen focused on studies and computer simulations of the Earth’s climate for the purpose of understanding the impact of humans.

He quickly became convinced that there was a clear link between increases in concentrations of carbon dioxide and rising temperatures. His work helped identify the ways in which the planet might respond to greater warming.

In 1981, he published the first Goddard Institute Surface Temperature…

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